Office Hours & Closures




Friday, October 6th

Friday, October 27th

  To better accommodate your scheduling needs: Beginning December 4th

Monday hours will be 1:30 pm-6:00pm

Telephones will be answered beginning at 10:30am

Remember—you can always book an appointment on line using the ZocDoc link found on the home page and location page. Also Dr. Petrak is available for emergencies. Please call the main telephone number: 720-890-9904 and listen to the entire message to find out how to reach her. Do not leave a message if it is an emergency.

Regular Shot Hours-Louisville:

Monday 8:30-12:00 and 1:30-4:30-Beginning December 4th this will change to 1:30 pm- 6:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30-1:30
Wednesday 1:30-6:00
Thursday 8:30-12:00; and 1:30-4:30
Friday 8:30-1:30

Phones will be answered:
Monday 8:30-5:00 Beginning December 4th this will change to 10:30am- 12:00 noon and 1:30 pm-6:00pm
Tuesday 8:30-5:00
Wednesday 8:30-6:00
Thursday 8:30-5:00
Friday 8:30-5:00

Phones will be off for lunch from 12:30-1:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please leave a message, or schedule using ZocDoc on line.
Please leave a voice mail message if you call after hours or at lunch; but if you don’t hear back within 2 hours after lunch, or if its an emergency after hours—please call Dr.Petrak on her cell phone.


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