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Introduction of peanut:

  • infants with eczema, egg allergy or both – recommend evaluation by skin prick test or sIgE(blood test) or both- based on test results introduce peanut at 4-6 months
  • infants with mild to moderate eczema introduce peanut at about 6 months
  • infants with no food allergy or eczema (regardless of family history) introduce peanut in accordance with family preferences and cultural practices – as early as 3-4 months.

No evidence exists for restricting allergenic foods in infants without known risks for food allergy (severe eczema/egg allergy). The probability for development of peanut allergy in such children is low, however by 12-18 months of age (without prior introduction) the development of peanut allergy is about 14%.

In countries such as Israel where peanut products are a popular component of the diet and they are introduced early in life, the prevalence (children with peanut allergy) is low.

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Reminder to always tell your doctor’s when you become pregnant. Recent reports suggest some asthma medications may need to be changed.

Please don’t stop your medications; just call the office as soon as you find out the exciting news, and we will tell you what to do!


  • Flu shots are indicated for 1- caregivers of infants less than 6 months of age
  • 2- children age 6-24 months of age
  • 3- Children with chronic illness and children aged 2y-4y with a history of a respiratory illness in the past 12 months
  • 4- Adults with any chronic disease, asthma, woman who will be pregnant during the flu season, residents of chronic care facilities and anyone over 6 months of age on long-term aspirin or NSAID medications
  • Current Flu vaccines contain such little amounts of egg protein that in general they are no longer a problem for people with egg-allergy; but in certain situations precautions are recommended. Please contact us regarding what is appropriate for you if you or your child has egg-allergy.