Headache Management

Migraine—This is a common chronic disorder with episodic attacks. There are many triggers of migraine, and include changes in sleep pattern, hormone levels, atmospheric pressure changes, seasonal or yearlong nasal allergy symptoms, sinus infections, and even strong smells or flashing lights.

Medications are available to treat the attacks, but often the medications are ineffective or have side-effects. In additions, sometimes the attacks occur too frequently, with chronic low grade symptoms in between attacks. In those cases other maintenance forms of therapy are necessary.

We use a standard approach to migraine management. A discussion combined with a headache diary can often determine which forms of therapy might be the best.

Recently we have been successfully using a new technique for Sphenopalatine Ganglion “reset” which has been helpful in decreasing episodic and chronic migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, upper plate dental pain, and atypical facial neuropathies.

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